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Our Associates.


Dr Susan Nancarrow

Director and Co-Founder

Susan is a former clinician, manager and academic with over twenty years’ international experience in health and higher education service delivery, organisation and governance. She has held senior executive roles in higher education, including Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), Chair of Academic Board and Professor of Health Sciences.

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Dr Anne-Louise Carlton

Senior Policy Advisor

Dr Carlton has worked in various direct service, policy and regulatory reform roles, in Australian state health and human services departments. She has helped establish the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) and the 15 National Boards.

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Dr Olivia King

Senior Consultant

Olivia is an allied health researcher and educator. She is the manager of Western Alliance Academic Health Science Centre’s Regional Research Capability Building Program. She is a qualified podiatrist and diabetes educator and is interested in mechanisms to expand the capacity, capability, and flexibility of the health workforce.

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Dr Alice Cairns

Senior Researcher

Dr Alice Cairns is a senior research fellow with James Cook University’s Department of Rural Health, based in rural Queensland. She is a qualified occupational therapist, clinically specialising in mental health rehabilitation.

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Jenny Carè

Allied Health Researcher

Jenny is an allied health researcher currently completing her PhD in health workforce regulation with a focus on health occupations not registered under Australia’s National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

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Alison Roots

Workforce Consultant and Researcher

Alison is a registered nurse with more than 40 years’ international experience undertaking research, policy development and project management, as well as holding senior management, academic, and clinical roles in a range of settings and countries.

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Josh Horsley

Data Analyst

Josh is a statistician with over 5 years of experience with a focus on environmental epidemiology and has worked in academia and business. With advanced theoretical understanding and analytical skills, he designs, implements, and effectively communicates.

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Nicki Atkinson

Research Project Manager

Nicki is a registered physiotherapist with over 7 years clinical experience in Australia and the UK. She has completed her Master of Public Health, and is passionate about global health equity and health system improvement.

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Lee Riddout

Senior Consultant

Lee is a strategic planner specialising in health sector human resources. Lee has specific skills in working with, managing and analysing health sector problems, especially through the design and evaluation of workforce interventions to overcome service delivery problems.

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