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What we do.

AHP Workforce works with organisations and individuals to build capacity in allied health workforce planning and strategy.

Meet our Team

AHP Workforce has developed a structured allied health workforce strategic planning tool that helps organisations and professions to optimise their workforce capacity by examining new approaches to understand and manage workforce supply, demand, and scope of practice.

We have developed a suite of workforce survey tools that can help allied health professional associations and employer organisations better understand the needs, gaps and specific issues facing their workforce.

We have access to postcode level data on every attribute of relevance to health workforce to help map population needs and demand, identify areas of unmet need, and predict future areas of growth and business opportunities.

With our partner group, HealthWork Publishing and The Allied Health Academy, we are committed to supporting the allied health workforce by disseminating high quality information, innovation, new ideas, and examples of good practice through our weekly newsletter, Allied Health Insights™, and by providing training and publications.