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The Case for Social Prescribing

social prescribing

Dr. Paul Butterworth When a doctor prescribes something, it’s usually a medication, right? A physiotherapist might prescribe a strengthening program for chronic pain. A podiatrist might prescribe orthoses for a foot deformity, and a speech pathologist might prescribe exercises to improve vocal performance. But what about social prescribing? This article will take an in-depth look […]

Allied Health Telehealth Triage To Manage Elective Surgery Waiting Lists

Telehealth for allied health

COVID-19 saw a rapid expansion in the uptake of telehealth services, including a range of innovations in allied health. However, one of the major legacies of COVID-19 was the disruption to normal hospital and primary health care treatment, delaying several services, including diagnosis and treatment. Substantial funding was injected into health services to support permanent […]

Challenges Faced By Small But Critical Allied Health Professions

Small critical workforce

Most people have heard of a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietitian and a podiatrist – but do you know what a pedorthist, orthoptist, prosthetist or music therapist does? The allied health workforce includes a number of very small, very niche, but very important professions. We call these “small but critical workforces”. Small may be beautiful, but […]

Introducing The A to Z of Allied Health

young professionals allied

Welcome to the A to Z of Allied Health — a weekly blog series with a comprehensive focus on allied health professions: what they do, the populations they work with, the settings in which they work, and countries they are recognised in, as well as training levels and models, regulatory frameworks, workforce size, and much […]