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Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs – Online Course From The Allied Health Academy

The Allied Health Academy will be commencing its tailored ‘Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs’ program on July 27th. Aiming to bridge the gap between allied health proficiency and entrepreneurial success, the program provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and resources for AHPs to flourish as healthcare professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

This program encapsulates industry insights, innovative strategies, and a supportive community to help launch, nurture, and scale allied health businesses.

Embarking on an Exciting Journey

The Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs program is ideal for allied health professionals keen on expanding their business horizons. This pre-accelerator program integrates a business canvas masterclass into an eight-week course spanning eight modules—each module corresponds with key elements of an allied health business plan.

The expert mentors leading the program are Susan Nancarrow, PhD, CEO of HealthWork International, and Gary Morgan, Entrepreneur in Residence at The Allied Health Academy.

Program Learning Goals

This program has been meticulously designed to enable AHPs to develop entrepreneurial skills specific to allied health, foster an innovative mindset, and enhance service and product offerings.

Participants will learn strategic planning, marketing, financial management, business development, and techniques to align services with market needs—with the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional value to clients or patients.

Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

Acquire valuable skills in entrepreneurship specific to the allied health industry, including strategic planning, marketing, financial management, and business development.

Foster Innovation 

Cultivate a mindset of innovation and learn how to identify and leverage opportunities for growth and differentiation in your allied health business.

Enhance Service and Product Offerings

Learn techniques to enhance your service and product offerings, ensuring they align with market needs and deliver exceptional value to your clients or patients.

Program Outline

The course follows an eight-module plan, each specifically aimed at various aspects of developing and growing an allied health business.

Modules focus on developing the right mindset, framing customer opportunities, building patient loyalty, managing finances, leveraging resources, and unlocking a unique advantage in the allied health sector.

  • Module 1: Mindset & Your Allied Health Business
    • Empower your allied health business with the right mindset and resources
  • Module 2: Customer Opportunity & Frame the Problem
    • Discover your purpose, deliver value, and stand out with your allied health business
  • Module 3: Value Proposition        
    • Provide value, differentiate, and make an impact with your allied health business
  • Module 4: Solutions & Customer Relationships
    • Building loyalty with quality allied health services and enhanced patient experiences
  • Module 5: Build Your Tribe & Engage Stakeholders    
    • Build your tribe and thrive by enabling channels and partnerships
  • Module 6: Feasibility, Viability & Innovation
    • Control costs, maximise revenue, and innovate for growth
  • Module 7: Key Activities & Metrics
    • Leverage resources, streamline activities, and monitor success for growth
  • Module 8: Unfair Advantage & Your Ask
    • Unlock your unfair advantage and stand out in the allied health sector

REGISTER NOW for the online Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs program offered by The Allied Health Academy. Unleash your entrepreneurial potential and contribute to the evolution of allied health.

About The Allied Health Academy

The Allied Health Academy is custom-made to serve the diverse needs of allied health professionals, allied health businesses, and healthcare providers. Through a blend of online and in-person training, they provide in-depth programs uniquely tailored to individual and organisational requirements.

They place an emphasis on communities of practice, continuous learning and peer support, with a proactive approach to meet the distinct challenges of the ever-evolving healthcare sector. The Allied Health Academy provides personalised mentoring, advisory services, and exclusive membership programs.

Are you ready to take your allied health career to the next level? The Allied Health Academy is now accepting enrolments for the ‘Empowering Allied Health Entrepreneurs’ program. Enrol now.

Allied Health Entrepreneur Course