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National Allied Health Virtual Research Forum 2024

National Allied Health Virtual Research Forum 2024


30 April 2024    
12:00 am


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Join the Department of Health and Aged Care for a half-day virtual event on 30 April 2024 to discuss and explore how allied health researchers can work with policymakers. 

The National Allied Health Research Forum will be hosted online by The Department of Health and Aged Care, 30 April 2024, and aims to connect allied health research with policy priorities.

The forum’s primary goal is to establish mutual understanding between allied health researchers and the government. It focuses on identifying research that can be effectively utilised by policymakers to influence modifications in Australia’s healthcare system.

The Australian Government relies on research to address immediate policy requirements and to guide significant shifts in funding approaches and practices. During the forum, allied health researchers will gain insights into the Government’s research preferences and learn how to attract policymaker attention by aligning their findings with national and regional policy goals.

This event will also offer a platform for allied health researchers to present research evidence that is prepared for adoption by policymakers, potentially influencing alterations to the Australian healthcare system.

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