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Allied Health Insights Vol.3 No.5: How 21st Century Trends Are Reshaping The Allied Health Workforce

In this edition of Allied Health Insights

  • Revolutionary technologies, shifting demographic patterns and evolving societal needs are profoundly transforming the allied health sector. This week, we look at how these trends are impacting the allied health workforce and what this means for the future of allied health service delivery.
  • The Power Play in Healthcare: Who Really Holds the Scalpel? webinar is a “must-attend” for all healthcare leaders in a position to advocate for a concerted shift toward securing more sustainable, efficient and equitable access to safe and effective health services. Professional scopes of practice are under scrutiny and revision and this brings significant opportunity for board directors, managers, policy-makers and peak bodies to speak out to ensure that the healthcare system advances, safely and efficiently, to meet the significant and ever-growing demand for enhanced delivery of health care services. Taking place on February 22nd, our expert panel of presenters, Professor Susan Nancarrow, Professor Alan Borthwick OBE and Dr Anne-Louise Carlton, will lead a discussion exploring scopes of practice, and the mechanisms for ensuring that they are both supported and harnessed to evolve, as the sector itself is evolving, for the benefit of everyone involved in the delivery or receipt of healthcare services.
  • Announcing the Advancing Practice Across Australia Summit on Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at the University of Canberra. This in-person event is a unique opportunity to connect with healthcare leaders and expand your knowledge of advanced clinical practice for the Allied Health, Nursing and Midwifery workforce. Keynote presenter Professor Beverley Harden is the Workforce Lead for NHS England’s Allied Health Professions and the Deputy Chief AHP Officer, England. She has led Health Education England to enable employers to realise the full workforce potential of Allied Health Professions, secure and grow the future workforce. At the summit, you’ll have the chance to hear from experts in the field who will share their insights and experiences.The Allied Health Academy’s AHP Advanced Practice Collective, in collaboration with the Summit organisers, is seeking submissions to explore the development of allied health advanced practitioner roles globally. To tell us about your Advanced Practice role, please complete the Advanced Practice Template, available from this link. To access the link you will need to join the Advanced Practice Collective (it is free). You will also have access to a global advanced practice community through the site.


    For consideration at the Summit, The Advanced Practice Template should be uploaded by 29 February 2024, along with the hashtag #advancedpracticetemplate. Please provide as much information in the template as you are comfortable with. Submissions made after the 29 February deadline will still help advanced practitioners share and promote global learning for this community.

  • The Allied Health Academy is pleased to announce the Empowering Entrepreneurs business support program for 2024—designed to bridge the gap between clinical expertise and business acumen, helping you create a profitable service delivery model that empowers you to do more of the work that matters to you. We are hosting a free introductory webinar and Q&A session, February 27. To attend, please submit your details via this link.

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