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Allied Health Insights Vol.3 No.3: Scaling Your Allied Health Practice

For many allied health professionals working in small private practices, the traditional model of trading time for money presents a significant barrier to scaling their business. As demand for healthcare services grows, practitioners often find themselves at a crossroads, facing the dual challenges of managing an increasing workload and exploring opportunities for growth.

This week we follow the journey of clinical neuropsychologist Dr Alex Knopman and his process of scaling from a sole trader to a more sustainable growth business model to identify practical strategies for scaling an allied health business effectively.

Having established his Sydney practice as a leading provider of neuropsychological assessment and tailored cognitive rehabilitation, Alex was looking for the most effective way to scale his practice from being a sole provider while optimising his clinical expertise. Given the growing demand for adult ADHD and autism spectrum assessments over the past five years, as well as increasing demand for early dementia diagnosis and cognitive support, Alex felt that broadening his referral base and bringing on additional therapists who specialise in cognitive health would be crucial to the continued growth of his practice. To help facilitate this, Alex completed the Allied Health Business Canvas with the support of the Empowering Entrepreneurs business support program and community of practice.

In this edition of Allied Health Insights


  • The Power Play in Healthcare: Who Really Holds the Scalpel? webinar is a thought-provoking call-to-action for the health professions, policy makers, employers, service users and funders to secure sustainable, efficient and equitable access to safe and effective health services.This is particularly pertinent when professional scopes of practice are under scrutiny and revision and there is a significant demand for enhanced delivery of health care services. Taking place on February 22nd, our expert panel of presenters, Professor Susan Nancarrow, Professor Alan Borthwick OBE and Dr Anne-Louise Carlton, will lead an informative discussion exploring scope of practice at the legislative, professional and service levels, examining international and interdisciplinary variations in responses changing role boundaries.

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