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Allied Health Insights Vol.2, No.32: Leadership and Career Transition with Donna Markham OAM

In this edition of Allied Health Insights

Donna Markham OAM has two pieces of advice for AHPs considering a “life after allied health” career transition: trust yourself, and do it before you think you’re ready.

Donna is a key leader in allied health who held Chief Allied Health Officer positions at Monash Health and Safer Care Victoria, before making the move to entrepreneurship.

In our interview, we discuss the aspects of Donna’s clinical career that prepared her for allied health leadership and what that means to her: “Leadership in allied health means influencing change. It means advocating for the profession. It means helping others understand what we do and recognise the value and the unique contribution that we bring to the communities that we serve.”

She shares her experiences as CAHO of Safer Care Victoria at the height of COVID, and some of the standout moments from that period, particularly in terms of strengthening relationships with the private sector.

Donna goes into detail about what ultimately made her decide to pivot from her allied health leadership role into entrepreneurship, how she managed uncertainty, and the transferrable skills that helped her along the way.

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