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Allied Health Insights Vol.2, No.13: Allied Health Client Lived Experience

As AHPs, understanding the lived experiences of our clients and patients equips us with holistic insights, enriching our diagnostic precision and treatment personalisation. This week, we’re looking at the client experience, speaking with two people about their experiences of patient-centred care.

The concept of patient-centred care dovetails with our previous newsletter on Patient & Public Involvement in Research (PPI).

Featured in this edition

  • We talk to stroke survivor Paul Fink about the multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals he worked with during his treatment and recovery, and the milestones and challenges he has experienced on his journey so far.
  • Justin Wall discusses the inherent challenges of living with cystic fibrosis, as well as how and where he has been able to exceed many people’s expectations. One of the oldest survivors of cystic fibrosis in Australia, Justin shares insights into his lifelong journey, he presents a compelling case for personalised care and a sharper focus on the patient’s experience.

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