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allied health insights

Allied Health Insights Vol. 1, No.14: Developing Allied Health Talent

Our examination of The Allied Health Employee Lifecycle continues with a look at developing allied health talent. From clear progression pathways to supervision and support, we look at the various ways that you can nurture the allied health talent in your organisation, with a view to improving retention.

For our ongoing A to Z of Allied Health series, we’re covering the speech pathologists—a profession that plays an important role in helping people of all ages to overcome many different conditions that affect speech, language, communication and swallowing. We look at a ‘typical’ day in the life of a speech pathologist, workforce considerations, professional educational requirements and more.

We’re also taking a look at the concept of client lived experiences as we interview stroke survivor Paul Fink. We talk about the multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals he worked with during his treatment and recovery, and the milestones and challenges he has experienced on his journey so far.

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