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Allied Health Insights Vol.2, No.28: Pamela Enderby On Therapy Outcomes, Leadership, And Professional Scopes Of Practice

In this edition of Allied Health Insights

What does it mean to be an “allied health leader”? According to Pamela Enderby OBE, FRCSLT, and Emeritus Professor of Community Rehabilitation at the University of Sheffield, leadership in allied health is about vision, as distinct from ‘management’: “Leadership is having some vision, and motivating people to look to that vision, and to encourage individuals to develop themselves, but in line with the vision for the service.”

Pamela is a pioneering and distinguished speech and language therapist with over four decades of experience in therapy-focused research, particularly in outcome measurements, who since the early days of her career has advocated for improving care outcomes through multidisciplinary collaboration. In so many respects, she has had a truly remarkable career in allied health as a clinician, researcher and leader.

Pamela recently spoke to us about her career, her equal pay activism—a fifteen-year battle that culminated in a systemic pay review—and her ongoing work contributing to the implementation of therapy outcome measures for numerous healthcare professions across the NHS.

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