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Allied Health Insights Vol.2, No.27: Why AHPs Need To Embrace Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, though currently a buzzword, holds a distinctive relevance in the post-COVID era, as professionals across various sectors tap into their entrepreneurial spirits. Allied health professionals have a unique and pressing mandate to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. This approach is not only an opportunity but a necessity driven by evolving professional landscapes, workforce demands, and the inefficiencies of traditional service models.

As Dr Alison Roots pointed out last week: small business is going to become increasingly important to healthcare service delivery. As we keep more and more people out of hospital, the private sector may need to take on a more significant role.

Platforms like the NDIS and revised aged care funding paradigms are rightfully pivoting healthcare services to primary and community care sectors. Recent workforce surveys suggest that the proportion of allied health professionals who will ever work in a hospital is declining rapidly as new models of care and funding (such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia) create incentives for allied health professionals to work with clients in the community.

In this edition of Allied Health Insights

“Entrepreneurship in allied health is an uncharted but necessary expedition, demanding a shift from conventional pathways and an embrace of innovation, adaptability, and foresight.”

Susan Nancarrow looks at a number of compelling reasons why allied health professionals should explore their entrepreneurial side, step out of their comfort zones to do things in new and interesting ways …and not wait for permission to do so.

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