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allied health insights

Allied Health Insights Vol. 1, No.13: Allied Health Staff Onboarding

In this week’s edition of Allied Health Insights, we’re taking the next step in the Allied Health Employee Lifecycle with a look at staff onboarding.

So you’ve managed to attract and recruit the ideal allied health staff for your workforce—so far, so good. You should be aiming to retain your new staff for at least three years, hopefully longer. Crucial to retaining your new staff is an effective onboarding process, one that ensures your new recruits are welcomed and properly orientated. Good onboarding also aims to reduce the amount of time it takes to get your new staff up to speed. Your new employee might be a recent graduate: what do you need to do to support them to get up to speed quickly? What growth strategies do you have in place? We’re going to take you through the various modes of staff onboarding to help make your long-term staff retention dream a reality.

For our ongoing A to Z of Allied Health series, we’re taking a look at the medical physicist profession—an in-demand profession that plays a central role in the treatment of patients suffering from critical illnesses.

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