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allied health insights

Allied Health Insights Vol.1, No.1

Welcome to the first edition of Allied Health Insights™, a weekly newsletter published by HealthWork Publishing in collaboration with AHP Workforce.

Our goal is to support allied health professionals from all disciplines, creating a community for sharing ideas and opportunities to network with colleagues in other professions, roles and countries—and to be a bit contentious.

AHP Workforce fills a gap in the allied health professions space, providing information, resources and advice specifically to help professionals, managers, employers and policy makers respond to the changing dynamics of the 21st Century healthcare environment.

We want to provide a safe platform for sharing new and innovative ideas. Not all ideas need to be great, or revolutionary, but collectively we can grow together in a way that provides the best care to our communities while enriching our own work. To keep Allied Health Insights™ accessible and inclusive, we want to keep it subscription-free. To help cover our production costs we will charge a small fee for job advertisements and other announcements, such as conferences, workshops, training courses.

We are really thrilled about connecting with you and our global allied health community, and look forward to an exciting journey ahead.

Introducing ‘The A to Z of Allied Health’

A blog series highlighting all allied health professions—join us each week as we take a deep dive into what each profession does, the populations they work with, the settings in which they work, and countries they are recognised in. Each highlighted profession will include

  • training levels and models
  • regulatory frameworks
  • workforce size
  • issues or considerations affecting that workforce.

Featured in this edition

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