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allied health assistants association

Allied Health Assistants’ National Association Ltd.

The Allied Health Assistants' National Association Ltd (AHANA) is the national peak body for Australian allied health assistants.

An allied health assistant is a healthcare worker who possesses demonstrated competencies to provide person-centred, evidence-informed therapy and support to individuals and groups.

AHANA has been incorporated to represent the allied health assistant profession. AHANA aims to promote awareness of, and advocacy for allied health assistants in Australia, and it represents a significant step forward for allied health assistants as an occupational group.

As an association, AHANA aims to raise awareness of how allied health assistants can support and resource AHPs to meet increasing demands on the healthcare system. In terms of direct support for allied health assistants, AHANA aims to improve the output, quality and efficiency provided both publicly and privately across health, rehabilitation, not-for-profit sectors, health organisations and care settings across Australia.

AHANA supports, promotes, informs and advocates for allied health assistants in the areas of (but not limited to):

  • Peer support;
  • Professional development;
  • Research;
  • Consultation and benchmarking; and
  • Scope of practice and recognition nationally.

AHANA has created a suite of membership options to suit the different qualifications and experience, as well as career and life stages, of allied health assistants. Memberships are also available to enable stakeholders, such as allied health professionals and organisations, to participate in AHANA and support the development of this profession in Australia.

Joining AHANA supports the allied health assistant workforce and acknowledges the beneficial role it plays in the delivery of allied health services. A strong AHANA means a strong voice for the allied health assistant workforce in discussions with policy-makers and funding bodies, advocating for more standardisation in the way allied health assistants are classified, recognised and integrated into the health workforce across all sectors and jurisdictions.

Visit the AHANA website for more information


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