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Attract Connect Stay is a proven, grass roots program supporting rural communities struggling to attract and retain health professionals. The program offers a holistic and person-centred recruitment and retention solution for rural communities facing chronic health workforce shortages and high turnover of health professionals.

Successfully attracting, recruiting and retaining health professionals is essential to maintaining a skilled health workforce that meets local healthcare needs. Part of the Attract Connect Stay solution is to mobilise the passion, knowledge and practical skills of local residents, organisations and community groups, and establish a locally-funded, locally-recruited and community-managed Health Workforce Recruiter Connector (HWRC).

The HWRC position builds and strengthens the local health workforce by identifying and attracting out-of-area health professionals to relocate and then supporting them in tailored ways that will encourage them to choose to stay. Tools and resources available through the Attract Connect Stay website support rural communities to successfully establish, manage and financially sustain their own HWRC position.

To establish whether Attract Connect Stay is a good fit for a community, a free self-led 3-module training course is available online. Community leaders and organisations are then provided with steps for implementing this proven rural health workforce strengthening solution.

Led by Dr Cath Cosgrave, a rural health workforce specialist with 25+ years’ experience developing community-centred, strength-based strategies to effectively address rural health service issues, a new Attract Connect Stay Community of Practice will launch in April 2023 to support continuous learning, quality improvement, and sustainability of the program.

Dr Cath Cosgrave is passionate about addressing rural health access inequities and resourcing challenges and supporting rural communities to become thriving, sustainable places to live and work. Contact Dr Cosgrave to organise a free consultation to discuss whether the Attract Connect Stay solution is right for your community.

Visit the Attract Connect Stay website for more information.


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