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Allied Health Insights Vol.2, No.24: Understanding The Critical Role Of Perfusionists

While the perfusionist profession is not widely known in the context of allied health, the role perfusionists perform is essential in healthcare and to all heart operations, including cardiopulmonary bypass. The career pathway of this small-but-critical allied health profession is a challenging one to pursue, with only a small number of trainee placements made available each year.

Featured in this edition

In this week’s edition, we hear from Carla Zazulak, Director of Perfusion at Queensland Children’s Hospital and President of the Australia & New Zealand College of Perfusionists (ANZCP). Carla has been working as a paediatric perfusionist since 2005, and started the Paediatric Cardiac Perfusion service at Mater Children’s Hospital, as well as the first Paediatric Extracorporeal Life Support Service in Queensland. Carla discusses her career pathway, and perfusionists’ critical role in the operating theatre.

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