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allied health insights

Allied Health Insights Vol. 1, No. 12: Recruiting Allied Health Staff For Your Workplace

In this week’s edition of Allied Health Insights, we cover the main factors you need to consider when recruiting allied health staff, as part of our Allied Health Employee Lifecycle series.

We see a mismatch between the expectations of employers and prospective employees in recruitment approaches. In a challenging employment market, employers perceive they are ‘priced out of the market’ because they need to offer prospective employees top dollar to attract them. As we detailed in last week’s edition, it is true that salaries are extremely competitive for most allied health professions right now—particularly in more specialised or regional areas—but as we pointed out, pay is not always the main driver for many prospects.

For our ongoing A to Z of Allied Health series, we’re examining the dietetic and nutritionist professions, exploring their differences, covering professional education requirements, regulatory frameworks, workforce considerations, and much more.

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