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Fiona MacNeill leadership consultant

Discussing Leadership and Creativity with Fiona MacNeill

This week, AHP Workforce and HealthWork International CEO Susan Nancarrow speaks to seasoned leadership consultant Fiona MacNeill.

Fiona has thirty years’ experience in designing learning and organisational development interventions. Her expertise spans diverse areas, from community artwork and street work with young people to large-scale national leadership programs involving over 3,000 participants.

Fiona’s impact lies in her ability to create environments where people can think independently, forging deep relationships and promoting collaborative learning. Importantly, a significant part of this work over that time has been working with allied health leaders across all sectors and all levels.

In this interview, Fiona discusses her career in leadership consulting and development, how she has implemented a number of a number of cutting-edge theories into her work, and the process of applying this to an allied health context.

Our sister company, The Allied Health Academy, is proud to be hosting Fiona MacNeill on its platform, where Fiona will be presenting her Personal Leadership course later this month. Numbers are strictly limited. Find out more here.