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the aha client education toolkit webinar

The Client Education Toolkit – Free Webinar for Allied Health Assistants

The Client Education Toolkit - Free Webinar for Allied Health Assistants


18 October 2023    
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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Discover three tools you can use to educate clients and build their independence

From cardiac rehab and diabetes management, to increasing mobility and functional independence, evidence shows that health focused education can play a valuable role in helping clients improve their quality of life. In fact, programs that include a therapeutic intervention along with an education component, as opposed to therapy alone, have been shown to be more effective in many settings.

The ability to effectively educate clients is an important skill for allied health professionals to have, and the practice of incorporating education into programs is becoming more and more common. However, evidence shows that education delivered by health professionals can often be sub-optimal. Education delivered in ways that don’t match instructional design principles, or that are strong on content but weak on engagement, can miss the mark from the client’s perspective.

In this webinar you’ll learn practical strategies for delivering education to clients in ways that work.

Learn how to:  

  • Deliver face-to-face education for clients (including in groups)
  • Create written educational materials for clients (like handouts and information sheets) that clients are more likely to use
  • Use specific educational techniques to increase engagement and rapport with clients

Designed to help you feel more comfortable using education as part of your role, take your existing health knowledge and combine it with a client education toolkit—full of evidence based educational strategies—to help nudge your clients towards better health, wellbeing and independence.

This free webinar will include Q&A and discussion.


Ned Jalbart—Health Educator and Exercise Physiologist

Ned is a qualified teacher and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with 18 years experience working across the health and education fields. His experience includes working in the secondary and tertiary education sectors, as well as in a learning coordinator role with ACT Health.

Ned is an award-winning health educator. He has previously won the Canberra Institute of Technology Board Award for a project he led to develop a simulated learning environment designed to build work readiness of allied health students. He has also won the ACT Health Allied Health Education Excellence Award for his role in designing and delivering educational initiatives to build collaboration between medical, nursing and allied health professionals.

In 2020 Ned founded Applied 8 Education and Professional Development. Applied 8 brings together Ned’s interest and experience in the fields of education and allied health. This includes about how to deliver high quality education for clients, which is an area where allied health professionals can make a big difference to the quality of the services they deliver.

Joan Leo—Learning Product Manager, The Allied Health Academy

Joan is an allied health professional and learning and development specialist with over 20 years experience in the health and higher education sectors. Joan brings educational expertise, creativity and innovation to The Allied Health Academy (TAHA) to support delivering education experiences and fostering communities of practice that connect and empower learners.

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