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A Critical Debate on the Merits of Advanced Practice for Allied Health Professionals

A Critical Debate on the Merits of Advanced Practice for Allied Health Professionals


20 June 2024    
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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The Allied Health Academy’s AHP Advanced Practice Collective provides a platform for the continuation of the debate on the different approaches to and perspectives on Advanced Practice for Allied Health professions taking an international approach with key panellists from the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

The global healthcare workforce is facing increasing pressure, including the growing complexity of care, highlighting the urgent need to optimise the scope of practice of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and develop robust career pathways to maintain their engagement in clinical roles.

This optimisation is crucial for effective workforce planning and transformation of services. Although the potential of the AHPs’ scope of practice presents significant opportunities for employers, it remains underused and often misunderstood.

Through collaborative learning, we can leverage innovative practices and better address the needs of AHPs globally. This collaborative approach extends beyond limited geographical boundaries, enhancing our capacity to implement effective solutions across wider areas.

Professor Beverley Harden: “Across each of the four UK nations, progress has been made within advanced practice and we have learnt a lot. The time is right to think ahead with one voice across countries and I suggest across the globe, working with our professional organisations to better illustrate the potential impact of the more specific specialty roles and the potential training pathways building on many of the assets we already have. This is a conversation relevant to UK and international colleagues as we look to roles more specific to the specialties within which we work.”

On 20 June 2023 at 8am UK / 5PM AEST we offer a discussion facilitated by Dr Susan Nancarrow, the CEO of HealthWork International with special guests in an effort to explore this global issue with input from international thought leaders to synthesise issues and lay the groundwork to move forward toward a common vision for Advanced Practice for AHPs. We invite you to join us in discussion with:

  • Martin Chadwick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer within the New Zealand Ministry of Health
  • Professor Beverley Harden, Deputy Chief Allied Health Professions Officer for England, and Health Education England’s Allied Health Professions Lead
  • Dr Ingrid Lensink, Chief Allied and Scientific Health Officer, Department for Health and Wellbeing in South Australia
  • Felicity Martin, Acting Executive Director of Allied Health at Canberra Health Services (CHS)

During this webinar you will:

  • Hear from global leaders on their perspectives on and vision for advanced practice for allied health
  • Consider the opportunities to achieve a common position on allied health advanced practice
  • Compare the relationship between different jurisdiction’s position on advanced practice