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Allied Health Insights Vol.3 No.16: Leadership and CPD with Allied Health Professional Educator Ned Jelbart

In this edition of Allied Health Insights, we hear from award-winning allied health professional educator Ned Jelbart, a trailblazer in the field of allied health professional development and continuous learning.

With a wealth of experience across both the health and education sectors, he has a unique perspective on the critical role of continuous learning in enhancing patient outcomes and professional satisfaction. Ned is an advocate for developing leadership skills in the allied health workforce, and believes the core skills that allied health professional groups have in common are what matter when it comes to ensuing high quality patient care.

From founding Applied 8 Education and Professional Development to receiving prestigious awards for his innovative projects, Ned’s journey is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and lifelong learning.

In our interview, we discuss the increasing the pressures on the Australian health system and how to solve them, his experiences of pivoting from clinical practice to the professional development space, the relationship between his work and evolving professional scopes of practice, and why continuing professional development is just so crucial for allied health practitioners.

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