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Allied Health Insights Vol.2, No.16: Allied Health Early Intervention

Allied health early intervention is vital for preventing hospitalisation. Used effectively, allied health plays a key role in the prevention and management of disease and disability. However, allied health services are rarely considered from a system perspective. Instead, most allied health interventions are examined through the lens of a particular profession, diagnosis or intervention.

  • We’re currently launching  a number of online Communities of Practice—spaces for allied health professionals to discuss and solve specific clinical problems, share insights into patient care, and collaborate on evidence-based practice.
    • If you’re an advanced practitioner or allied health clinician, The Advanced Practice Collective is free to join and provides access to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resources, live webinars, and realtime discussion.
    • If you’re part of the fast-growing allied health assistant and support worker professions, The Allied Health Assistant CPD Collective is a CoP with a specific focus on Continuing Professional Development and AHA discussion, and is free for AHANA members.

Featured in this edition

  • With policy makers and governments looking at new ways to address critical problems related to hospital admission and admission avoidance, we examine early intervention strategies that improve health outcomes and keep people out of hospital.

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