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Unplex: making complex simple

We work alongside you, your team and your clients to critically examine the systems and strategies that you use in your health, disability or social care organisation to organise and deliver care and support. Then, we help you to identify roadblocks to and opportunities for improvement. We do this because, like you, we are passionate about individuals with support and care needs receiving more and better support and care when they need it from a satisfied and skilled workforce.


Our five action pillars are:

  • Re-define your workforce and service delivery roadblocks
  • Collect and synthesise evidence so you understand your roadblocks better
  • Organise your roadblocks into a workable and realistic roadmap so they are easier to understand, create solutions to and make strategic decisions about
  • Identify and implement systems that will enable ongoing roadblock and solution identification and continuous impact evaluation
  • Support you to continually re-define and find solutions to your workforce and service delivery roadblocks individually or alongside other like-minded people


Founder and CEO, Dr Anna Moran, is an Allied Health workforce and service redesign expert.

unplex works with health, disability and aged care organisations to identify simpler pathwaysthrough complex service capacity and workforce problems.

Our vision is that passionate health, disability and aged care organisations have clear pathways in place to efficiently identify and then organise their workforce so they can fully meet the needs of the individuals and communities they serve.

Make a bigger difference to those individuals and communities you serve – unplex your organisation’s service capacity and workforce problems with us.



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