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The Visibility Project

We’re a team of strategic communications consultants managing the personal brands, reputations, public relations and positioning of leading companies and people, helping them be seen and heard.

At a time when people follow people, we help you and your leaders become thought leaders and recognised experts.

That person on LinkedIn who gets lots of comments? We’re probably mentoring them. That business leader you see in the media? We’re probably pitching for them. That copy you read and loved from that business? We probably wrote that.

But the thing we care about the most? Increasing the visibility of women in business and leadership.

Ready to become more visible yourself? Want to give yourself and your business some visibility rocket fuel, at a time when people follow people? We can help. In fact, we’d love to help.

Visit our website to browse speakers, experts and consultants for your next event, project, collaboration or challenge.



The Visibility Project 0 reviews

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