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Mentoring & Clinical Supervision for AHPs


As a paediatric OT with 20+ years’ experience, I know what it takes to run a successful therapy business and I understand the significance of clinical support. I have a heart to support and mentor therapists who feel isolated, overwhelmed and are on the verge of burnout.

Whether you’re an occupational, music or speech therapist, a physiotherapist or a counsellor, I’m dedicated to using my vast experience to help other therapists like you create a sustainable and thriving life as a professional. It’s my heart’s desire to watch you grow into a confident professional who becomes the therapist you’ve dreamed of.

1:1 Clinical Supervision

As a paediatric OT, your week is filled working with kids who present with a variety of anxiety, sensory processing and learning difficulties. Sometimes you feel out of your depth and you wish you had a professional sounding board to decide on the best way forward. I offer monthly 1:1 clinical supervision to give you the opportunity to discuss clinical questions and increase your professional knowledge. I can also help you set goals for professional learning.

Therapy Business Boot Camp

The 8-week Therapy Business Bootcamp has been designed to teach you how to build a sustainable, profitable therapy business. Learn practical strategies to develop your successful business and take back control of your life.

Therapy Business Mastermind

The Therapy Business Mastermind is a membership-based therapist community to help you grow your business while enjoying the support and encouragement from a group of therapists.

Kids OT POD Group Supervision

The Kids OT POD is a safe and supportive paediatric OT community offering monthly group supervision, regular training to develop your confidence, and an exclusive 24/7 Facebook community for when you need help or ideas NOW.