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I work with people who are beginning to ask themselves how much longer they want to continue in their all-consuming career.

We are so aware of the importance of personal development and self-fulfilment but the commitment and hours we give to our chosen profession, can mean that we have little time or energy to do other things than our job.

As we get closer to an age when we could choose to retire, the idea of leaving work starts to play on our mind. Retirement is a possibility, but we still feel that we have so much to offer to our profession and workplace.

Finances need to add up to make such a huge decision and for many of us, there are still demands on our income that mean we can’t plan a carefree future in which we sail off into the sunset with no serious responsibilities.

Even if the money side is ok, stopping work can lead to an identity crisis! What will you DO and more important who will you BE?

What will it feel like to remove your work badge and no longer have that title that identifies you or a team to relate to.

I've been through this process after many years in senior leadership and clinical roles as an AHP in the NHS.  I really do understand how it feels, how scary it can be as well as exciting! I know those 3 am problems that keep you awake and what it takes to make such a huge career decision.

Reach out to me for an introductory discovery chat if this resonates for you.

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