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Campus Radar is a dedicated higher education recruitment website. Developed by academics and search consultants with decades of experience, it connects job providers and job seekers worldwide.

The team at Campus Radar knows the ins and outs of the allied health higher education sector. They know how vital it is for institutions to attract the right employees. They're equally committed to supporting new graduates navigate the challenges of finding jobs and building careers.

Higher Education Recruitment

Tailored specifically for higher education recruitment, the Campus Radar platform makes intelligent employment matches based on its search algorithm.

Allied health job seekers exploring the next step in their careers can register with our higher education jobs board. Access a single job portal for organising job applications, managing job listings, and tracking applications. Get alerts for matching jobs and apply for jobs from your own dashboard.

It's an excellent space for cross-fertilisation of talent and searching new higher education opportunities, including roles in allied health. Recruitment tools are also available to support employers.

Campus Radar Café

With a passion for facilitating higher education careers, including graduate students and early career researchers in allied health, Campus Radar Café was created - its a research hub for publishing articles and showcasing projects to prospective employers. It's a great spot to learn about research being conducted by graduate students.


Campus Radar serves the whole campus community, including students, lecturers, postdocs, professors, administrators, facility managers and executives. Their website offers spaces for promoting campus or institutional profiles. You can share details of upcoming higher education events and advertise information for special courses, funding opportunities, etc.

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