Reframe Your Allied Health Workforce Problem: Interactive Workshop 2 – 4pm Thursday 28th October 2021

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Are you struggling to find sufficient AHPs to meet demand for your service? 

Do these problems sound familiar?  

  • You have long waiting lists for your services 
  • Your staff are frustrated and demoralized  
  • Your staff are burning out 
  • Your staff are leaving their jobs and their profession 
  • Your business or organisation can ‘t grow 
  • You are feeling are frustrated and demoralised 
  • There are no responses to your job advertisements 
  • Individuals and communities you serve are missing out on vital services that will improve their quality of life 

We know that solutions like training more AHPs takes a long time to make a real impact for you and your organisation. However, the good news is that there are a number of readily accessible solutions to workforce capacity problems that you can implement immediately. Identifying these solutions is as simple as re-examining how you see your workforce problem. 

Join allied health workforce experts Susan Nancarrow and Anna Moran for an interactive workshop that will help you to reframe the way you look at your workforce problem to identify feasible, realistic and immediate solutions.  

The workshop will focus on three key areas: 

  1. Understanding and unpacking the problem from different perspectives; 
  1. Understanding and unpacking the impact of the problem from different perspectives; 
  1. Identifying what the best possible outcomes are for different stakeholders in your organisation 

You will walk away from the workshop with a number of problem statements that will assist you to re-frame solutions to your workforce problems. 

Join us on the 28th October from 2.00 – 4.00pm AEST by registering via the link below. 

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